Consultancy Services

Interior Designing | Kitchen/Cafeteria | Landscaping

We at SOURCE Partner also undertake consultancy services in areas of strategic sourcing, interior designing, Kitchen/Cafeteria and landscaping – all under one roof. We devise strategies and solutions that are innovative and render the competitive advantage to your business or project. We put our sourcing, negotiating and contracting expertise to work and provide customized solutions of excellent quality, international standards towards optimum client satisfaction. Ultimately, what we deliver is quality, cost savings and business value for our clients.

Strategic Sourcing

We work closely with our clients as their strategic sourcing team, understanding their specific needs and devising strategies that reap tangible results. We help clients with sourcing solutions that go beyond immediate cost savings and give them considerate long term benefits. With our unmatched sourcing network, best practices and purchasing strategies, we help them realize their quality and cost reduction goals.

Interior Designing

A proactive player in the interior designing world, we have put up world class projects as interior designing consultants. With adequate resources in form of architectural and interior experts across the globe, we provide comprehensive solutions that are a perfect concoction of design and aesthetics, form and functionality, besides ascertaining optimum space utilization and adequate ventilation.

Kitchen/ Cafeteria

We clearly know how critical effective planning of commercial kitchens and cafeteria is for financial success of any food service facility. With our know how in the field, we bring you specialized solutions with a clear focus on ergonomically proficient kitchen spaces, energy efficient concepts and environmental designs – towards creating sustainable kitchen/ cafeteria setups.


As landscaping consultants, we provide solutions that cut the clutter and set benchmarks in terms of aesthetics and environmental excellence. Beyond landscaping, with our in depth expertise, we create memorable experiences and inspiring environments.