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Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Institute


Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Institute


Hospital Beds


Vydehi Insitute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre is a well known super specialty hospital in the field of global healthcare services and education. As an integrated healthcare provider, VIMS is fully equipped with hi-tech facilities, professional staff for treatment of healthcare conditions like Cancer, Cardiac Issues, OBG, Pediatrics, Dental, ENT, Ophthalmology and more. They were looking to achieve benchmark standards as a hospital facility with state of the art clinical furniture, equipment and machines. The preliminary focus was on innovation, quality, efficiency, convenience and enhancing patient experience. They required clinical beds of international standards and as per specifications, for their setup of over 1000 beds capacity.


We were the obvious choice having worked with them on the school project, already. We at SOURCE Partner were determined to take up the challenge and deliver even more than their expectations, with our global sourcing abilities and international team of professionals. We carried out extensive research across our network to procure A-class beds that meet their demands in terms of design, functionality and ergonomics. We narrowed down to top vendors with an expertise in supplying hospital beds to top notch hospital setups across the world. The beds we sourced came with varied features like compact and light weight, user friendly, space saving and long life, but to name a few. All the beds were compliant to international safety standards for maximum safety of the patients and handling convenience of the staff. Keeping in mind the highest priority and acute care requirement of patients in the ICU section, high quality ergonomically functional beds were provided by SOURCE Partner as well.

The hospital management was overwhelmed with the kind of quality standards we delivered. It was a step ahead of their requirement visualization, as the clinical beds we sourced were not only matching their needs but were more of a value addition to their vast setup. Ever since, they have been looking up to us for most of their hospital facility requirements, which in itself is a milestone achievement for us.